Advice For A Successful And Lasting Music Career

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From the wise old lady, presents words of advice for upcoming Artistes who aims at greatness.




There is an innumerable number of upcoming music artistes or underground Artistes. Every one has got his reason of trying to enter into the music industry.




Majority wants to be popular only, while few wants to make history.

It makes it easy with a saying that goes like, “Deɛ ɔreforo dua pa na yepia no”. The one embarking on a good cause, deserves the push.




The article is dedicated to ones who want to make a good music career, advertise Ghana positively to the world.




Music is talent , irrespective, if you have no gift of music and you are serious to learn, this advice will be helpful for you too.




Now, a careful look and note at the following points;





Advice Passion

Passion is the fuel to a successful music career.

Music should be something you really love. If not, the journey to success would be stressful and a long one.

Passion will take you there. There will be hard times and the love for music will be the only source of encouragement at such times.

So be passionate about Music.





advice culture
Photo by Dazzle Jam from Pexels


Music is culture. This clause alone tells that, music is undone without a fusion of your culture.

Culture makes you original. It gives an identity. A music from Ghana should have a Ghanaian feel.

The Ghanaian genres (example highlife), drums, dance, rich languages, are some ways of making music feel Ghanaian.





advice unique
Be unique

Be yourself. You are specially different. Why try to sound like somebody else?

You may learn from a legend but never make the mistake of being a copy of them.

Variation makes the industry interesting and it starts from you being unique.





advice successful artiste
Pat Thomas, One legend to learn from

Get good role models. The legends have been through a lot. Learn from their experiences when they share their life stories.

Sit yourself down and analyze your works and performances and find a way to improve upon it. Examples of legends?

You know Amandzeba, Pat Thomas, Amakye Dede, Daddy Lumba, Kojo Antwi and the likes, you’re good to go.





Advice good music producer

What is a good music? Any one which serves the purpose of both entertaining and informing.

When songs can be danced to by the young and elderly and also inform or educate them, that is a good music.

It involves a powerful message + great lyrics + nice arrangement + fine beat + cultural spice.


CHECK-Lyrics & Translation Theresah – Daddy lumba



advice patience
Photo by Sarah Trummer from Pexels8

Just like any other dream. It will never be attained easily. You have to put in a lot of hard work and give yourself time as well.

Great musicians like DL(Daddy Lumba) , Kojo Antwi and Nana Acheampong went through a lot. Sometimes the support will be nowhere.

Do not give up. Have time for your songs and cook them well. When it’s ready, the people and music fans will receive it well.









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